CPCA Honour Roll
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Candle Image The Honour Roll

Celebrates the  life our fallen association members. If you know or can provide any information please forward it along so that it maybe included.

May they Rest In Peace
Memoriam Image
Year of Passing Member Association
2020 January   Alan MacDonald NBPCA
2018 September   John Wride NBPCA
2018 June   Dino Gratto NBPCA
2015 December  Donna Rorison NWTPCA
2012 June  Stuart "Stu" Ryder NSPCA
2009 October  Cyril "Cy" Hawkes OPCA/MPCA
2008 December  Al Stevens NLPCA
2007 October  Garry Jay Patterson APCA
2003 October  Roy Gislason MPCA
1996 October  Gerry O'Connell NSPCA

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