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Richard Seamone Award

 The Richard (Dick) Seamone – Sportsmanship Award is presented yearly during the N.S Police Curling Association Championship.  This award is in honor of Richard Seamone a retired RCMP officer and a member of the Nova Scotia Police Association for many years.  Dick loved police curling events and was a strong advocate of fair play and sportsmanship.  The award is presented to the police curler who demonstrates and exhibits an outstanding personality and sportsmanship towards fellow curlers.

  The yearly recipient is voted on by all other curlers during the event and this is a prestigious award to win.  The curler is honored during the Championship banquet and presented with the plaque.

2019 Dick Seamone Award winner
2019 Richard Seamone Award
Brad Sullivan & Susan Camus

2019 Brad Sullivan/ Susan Camus 2018 Rob Lewis
2017 Vic Gorman 2016 Mike Praught
2015 Mathew Mader 2014 Joe Taplin
2013 Ross Lloyd 2012 Ward Beck
2011 Gerry White 2010 Jarrett Thorne
2009 Angie Hawrulyk/ Mike Praught
Ward Beck
2008 Stu Ryder
2007 Stuart Knockwood 2006 Parker Rodd
2005 Chris Friis 2004 Dan Walsh
2003 Ches MacDonald 2002 Gerry Glinz
2001 Ron Grinham 2000 John Elliott
1999 Joe Dipersio 1998 Ches MacDonald
1997 John Elliott 1996 Dale Sheehan
1995 Clarence Fidler 1994 Jake Lamont
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