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2016 CPCA Championship Chilliwack, BC

2015 CPCA Championship Sudbury, ON

2014 CPCA Championship Winnipeg, MB

2013 CPCA Championship Saskatoon, Sask.

2012 CPCA Championship Montreal, Quebec

2011 CPCA Championship
Truro, Nova Scotia

Curl BC

British Columbia Police Curling Association
Lower Mainland District Zone Playdowns
Mission Granite Curling Club
7650 Grand Street, Mission, B.C.

January 10-12, 2014

Host Chair - Bill Dalzell

Event Results

"A" Winners

"A" (1) Qualifier

Skip:  Dale Hockley
Third: Glen Brennan
Second: Randy Nelson
Lead: Dean Cross

 "A" (2) Qualifier

Skip: Dick Sather
Third: Brian Kwak
Second: Doug Bain
Lead: Norm Marchinko

"B" Winners

"B" (3) Qualifier

Skip: Peter Koutsoumbos
Third: Ryan Ziebart
Second: Bill Taylor
Lead: Marty Lalonde

"B" (4) Qualifier

Skip: Sean McGowan
Third: Doug Smith
Second: Mel Carter 
Lead: Daren Kakuno

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