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Richard. M. (DICK) DUNDAS 


    In 1999 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the NLPCA, in St. John's, the general membership approved a trophy to be presented each year for the Police Curler, judged by his/her peers, to be the most sportsmanlike curler.
R. M. (Dick) Dundas
- Performance and Sportsmanship Award
 is named in honor of Dick Dundas, who is a two-time Provincial Champion, and Honorary Lifetime Member of both the Canadian, and Newfoundland and Labrador Police Curling Associations. Over the years he has been a dedicated and faithful supporter of Police Curling in this Province and in Canada.

Dundas Award Jim Carroll

2017 Dundas Award Winner

Jim Carroll
2018 Dundas Award Winner
Bill Fitzgerald
(Photo to come)

Past Winners of the R. M. (Dick) Dundas Award
1999 Al Stevens 2000 Stewart Giles 2001 Al Stevens 2002 Gerard Ryan
2003 Rob Baldwin 2004 Cal Barrett 2005 Rob Baldwin 2006 Jacques Morneau
2007 Eric Suley 2008 Rob Baldwin 2009 Trudy Pike 2010 Reg Reeves
2011 Trudy Pike 2012 Curtis Durdle 2013 Lloyd Slaney 2014 Curtis Durdle
2015 Barry Coady 2016 Marjorie Royal 2017 Jim Carroll 2018 Bill Fitzgerald